The Adult Attachment Projective Picture System© (AAP) is a free-response psychological assessment of adult attachment.

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The Adult Attachment Projective Picture System © (AAP) is a free-response psychological assessment of adult attachment. This assessment follows the Bowlby-Ainsworth principles of theory and research, and assessment standards in the field of attachment. The AAP was developed by Dr. Carol George (co-author of the Adult Attachment Interview, AAI) and Dr. Malcolm West (co-author of the Reciprocal Attachment Questionnaire, RAQ). It provides researchers and psychology professionals with a validated developmental measure of adult attachment that circumvents the limitations of interview administration and analysis. The AAP’s unique coding and classification system designates the four standard AAI classification groups and provides information about attachment based-dimensions, including defensive processes, not assessed using other adult attachment measures.

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The AAP in Clinical Practice

“Using the AAP with clients brings up not only unresolved trauma and disruption but creates a roadmap for them to see what detours they take in their quest for resolution and intimacy in their lives. The AAP cuts across cultural divides. Whatever circumstances evoke the attachment system, lack of resolution, no matter what the average expected environment is, becomes apparent and the strategies clear under the light of the AAP."

– Talia Shafir, Ph.D. Somatic Psychologist

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“Research on patterns of adults’ thoughts, memories, and feelings about intimate family relationships—especially child–parent relationships—has developed steadily and dramatically. One of the biggest challenges is developing assessment tools that successfully balance scientific precision, reliability, and validity with practical clinical utility. The AAP is the most promising attempt to meet this need that I have seen to date.”

– Robert Marvin, PhD, University of Virginia, and Director, The Mary Ainsworth Child–Parent Attachment Clinic.

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