The Adult Attachment Projective Picture System © (AAP) is a free-response psychological assessment of adult attachment.


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The Adult Attachment Projective Picture System © (AAP) is a free-response psychological assessment of adult attachment. This assessment follows the Bowlby-Ainsworth principles of theory and research, and assessment standards in the field of attachment. The AAP was developed by Dr. Carol George (co-author of the Adult Attachment Interview, AAI) and Dr. Malcolm West (co-author of the Reciprocal Attachment Questionnaire, RAQ). It provides researchers and psychology professionals with a validated developmental measure of adult attachment that circumvents the limitations of interview administration and analysis. The AAP’s unique coding and classification system designates the four standard AAI classification groups and provides information about attachment based-dimensions, including defensive processes, not assessed using other adult attachment measures.

Exciting And UsefulTools For Research and Clinical Practice

Using the AAP as a Therapeutic Tool

Society for Personality Assessment Workshop with
Stephen Finn, Carol George, Caroline Lee, & Melissa Lehmann
This workshop is of interest to all clinicians who use assessment measures for client feedback.

Spring 2024 AAP Training Webinar

AAP coding and classification training
April, May - Dates and times are listed on the training page

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In Clinical Practice

“The AAP has become a valuable part of almost every
Therapeutic Assessment my colleagues and I do. The test helps
answer many of our clients’ central referral questions and provides
rich opportunities for transformative therapeutic work."
- Stephen E. Finn, Ph.D.,
Founder, Center for Therapeutic Assessment, Austin, TX

Working with Attachment Trauma will motivate researchers and clinicians

The book editors brought together an impressive group of international
researchers and practitioners to highlight the clinical use of the AAP. The chapters offer compelling examples of the AAP’s value for clinical
practice, assessment, or intervention, especially for attachment trauma
and intergenerational transmission risk. It is a must for any student or
practitioner working with vulnerable adults and parents and seeking to understand the fundamental underlying attachment
mechanisms involved in the development of trauma and resilience.
- Chantal Cyr, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Psychology, Université du Québec à Montréal, and Canada Research Chair in Child Attachment and Development

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